From the Beginning

Sage Collections is a culmination which first began over 40 years ago with performing arts (music), then later included fine art over 30 years ago.  The latter grew to become quite a passion and endeavor that has benefitted several museums and even a symphony orchestra.  Numerous artworks from the collections and now including a private Trust have either been on loan or are currently in the permanent collections of 15 public fine art museums throughout the United States and in Switzerland.  

As of 2016, the broad collections included over 1000 fine art works, collectibles and objects from both North & South America and Europe of:  paintings, gouaches, watercolors, drawings, charcoals, etchings, fine art & exhibition posters, lithographs, literature, serigraphs, photography, giclée prints, sculptures, studies, sketches, and textiles to name a few.  While the earliest piece is noted to be from the 16th century, the vast majority of the collections are from 1890 to 2010.

Gaining Attention. . . 
As fine art goes, many artists, galleries and collectors have their signature look or style.  As well, there is the underlying quality that will gain in popularity or a strong following.  Sage Collections is more than blessed in this realm as a result of its sheer variety of collections which are gaining the attention of some sage private collectors, along with certain galleries and museums.

Whether you prefer a classic early modern artwork or contemporary with more color or street cool, you'll find the collections from Sage Collections more than appealing. Keep an eye out for the latest as art pieces, collectibles, or objects as they are always being brought out or rotated as tastes change.